Our child’s care

5 years ago there we were, new parents dropping our son off at child care…scared, sad, worried. The culmination of months of research looking into the ‘best’ place for our child – the safest place for him to be – the most trusted. All we could do was place him in the care of people we really just met and trust that all would be well.

Well, it was. More than well, actually. The whole experience was pretty freakin awesome.

Our son was nutured in a loving, caring and learning environment. He understands friendships, he understands rules. He’s polite and kind and has manners. He reads, writes, asks great questions and has an imagination that is worthy of any superhero.

His development is a direct result of the loving and caring people who watched over him 5 days a week – 52 weeks a year – for 5 years.

Today he spends his final day there; soon to move onto a new school and new adventures. As I dropped him off this morning, I felt the sadness and joy emanating from those who cared for him for so long. I sensed their pride as they watched him walk into the room. I can only imagine the emotional roller coaster they experience as they go through this time and time again.

Teaching and caring for a child, as with parenting, is a selfless act. An act of service and give-a-way. A skill mastered by only the few who choose the path. These teachers, these caregivers are saints in my eyes and I have the utmost respect and admiration for them.

For the beautiful men and women who have walked this part of my son’s journey, I thank you. Thank you from the depth of my heart.

As these years have passed by, I have grown to love each of you and am grateful for your chosen path – my son, my family, the next generations are better for it.

Our Childs Care

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